Reporting directly to the Head of Production, the successful candidate will be responsible for leading a small team in instituting and driving a holistic Quality System, which produces products and business processes, to meet the quality and reliability requirements of both our internal and external customers.

Main responsibilities:

  • Managing the QA Department and be responsible for determining, negotiating and agreeing on all procedures, standards and specifications for the quality assurance of:
    • All products manufactured by CENTURION;
    • Critical products which are purely bought in and sold – list to be defined;
    • Handling and Repair of client products;
    • Certain Internal processes where quality assurance is required;
  • Assisting R&D in testing new and / or improved products to ensure that the products meets quality standards and customer needs;
  • Assisting R&D in developing tests for components and finished products to ensure that the products meet all quality standards, operating requirements and customer needs;
  • Working with design and operating staff to produce quality products, procedures, processes, standards and systems;
  • Ensuring that all products and manufacturing processes comply with standards at both national and international level (ISO and other statutory requirements);
  • Liaising with purchasing and/or suppliers to specify and monitor quality requirements of raw materials;
  • Acting as a catalyst for change and improvement in performance, reliability and quality of products and systems;
  • Facilitate solving of problems and the implementation of continuous improvement to the operation of the quality assurance department;
  • Lean thinking and directing objectives to maximise profitability;
  • Setting up an appropriate system for monitoring and capturing / logging of product defects, internal and external complaints;
  • Managing the logging of quality reports and other quality documentation;
  • Regularly analysing quality data and suggest actions based on collected data;
  • Ensuring all legal standards are met both in terms of quality assurance as well as health and safety;
  • With the support of the Sales Department constantly engage with customers to understand the quality issues that they have to contend with and implement measures;
  • From these interactions with customers, establish customer service standards;
  • Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership:
    • Ensure that all the staff in the quality assurance team have been properly trained – not only in terms of knowledge of the products and processes, but improving their technical skills required for the respective positions;
    • Bring on new staff as and when required taking into account budget constraints;
    • Constantly develop both new and existing team members, applying recognised methods for coaching and mentoring staff;
    • Provide effective leadership to the quality assurance team in their day to day tasks while upholding the values of the company;
    • Manage the career development of team members;
    • Monitoring the morale of staff in the light of regarding them as your most key asset;
    • Constantly engendering the culture and values of the company within the team;
    • Constantly driving for a strong rapport between all members of staff within the Quality Assurance team and with all the other teams within CENTURION with whom they interact;
    • In the absence of a formal performance management system, implement an appropriate system to monitor the performance of each team member;
  • Writing of management and technical reports;
  • Generate and manage 3-year plan and annual departmental budget.

Qualifications and other Requirements:

  • Proven track record in implementing and managing a QA System within a high-volume manufacturing environment;
  • At least 3 years’ experience at a senior management level;
  • Degree/ National Diploma in Electrical and/or Electronic and/or Mechanical Engineering, coupled with a relevant qualification in Quality Management;
  • Working knowledge of ISO9001 Quality Systems, International Standards such as CE etc.,with exposure to Project Management and World-Class Manufacturing Systems (i.e., Six-Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Workplace Challenge etc.)